Thawing Out the Franchise: Frozen 3 Must Address 5 Key Issues

Since its release in 2013, Disney’s Frozen has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences of all ages around the globe. The enchanting tale of sisterhood, love, and self-discovery has spawned a sequel, a Broadway musical, countless merchandise, and even a short film. With the success of Frozen 2 in 2019, fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of Frozen 3. However, as the franchise continues to expand, it is crucial for the third installment to address five key issues to maintain the magic and relevance that made the first two films so beloved.

1. Evolution of Characters:
One of the greatest strengths of the Frozen franchise has been its well-developed and relatable characters. Frozen 3 must continue this tradition by allowing the characters to grow and evolve. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and even the supporting cast need to face new challenges that push their boundaries, allowing us to see different facets of their personalities. This growth will ensure that the characters remain engaging and relatable, keeping the audience invested in their journeys.

2. Expanding the Lore:
Frozen introduced us to the magical world of Arendelle, but Frozen 2 only scratched the surface of its lore. Frozen 3 must delve deeper into the origins of Elsa’s powers, the enchanted forest, and the magical creatures within it. Exploring the history and mythology of the world will not only satisfy fans’ curiosity but also add depth and complexity to the narrative. The franchise should take a page out of other successful fantasy universes, such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, by creating a rich lore that enhances the storytelling.

3. Tackling Relevant Themes:
Both Frozen movies have touched upon important themes such as self-acceptance, family, and environmentalism. Frozen 3 should continue to address relevant issues, providing valuable lessons to its audience. Climate change, mental health, or even societal divisions could be explored in a way that is accessible to children and thought-provoking for adults. By tackling these themes, Frozen 3 can maintain its status as a socially conscious franchise, ensuring that it resonates with audiences for years to come.

4. Innovative Music:
The music of Frozen has become iconic, with “Let It Go” becoming an anthem for empowerment worldwide. However, the third installment must not be content with resting on its laurels. The franchise needs to push the boundaries of musical storytelling, just as Frozen 2 did with songs like “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself.” Collaborating with talented songwriters and musicians outside the Disney bubble could bring fresh perspectives and innovative sounds to the soundtrack. By continuing to deliver memorable and emotionally resonant songs, Frozen 3 can captivate audiences and create new musical moments for generations to come.

5. Diversity and Inclusion:
As society becomes more diverse, it is crucial that Disney reflects this reality in its films. Frozen 3 should embrace diversity and inclusion by introducing characters from different cultural backgrounds and exploring their stories. This expansion of representation will not only enrich the narrative but also allow children from various backgrounds to see themselves on screen and feel included in the magical world of Frozen. By making inclusivity a priority, Frozen 3 can set a positive example for other animated films and continue to be a beloved franchise for a diverse audience.

Frozen 3 has the potential to continue the legacy of the franchise by addressing these five key issues. By allowing characters to evolve, expanding the lore, tackling relevant themes, delivering innovative music, and embracing diversity and inclusion, the third installment can maintain the enchantment that captivated audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly await the announcement of Frozen 3, they hope that the filmmakers will take these considerations to heart, ensuring that the next chapter of the Frozen saga is as magical and impactful as its predecessors.

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