“Melodic Farewell: EGOIST, the Theme Song Unit of Guilty Crown and PSYCHO-PASS, Announces Conclusion of Activities”

In a bittersweet announcement that has left fans reeling, EGOIST, the renowned theme song unit behind the mesmerizing tunes of anime series like Guilty Crown and PSYCHO-PASS, has revealed their decision to cease activities. The news was shared via the unit’s official social media platforms and their management company on August 28, 2023.

EGOIST, consisting of the talented vocalist Chelly and composer/producer ryo from the music group supercell, has long been celebrated for their captivating soundscapes that have enhanced the emotional impact of anime series across the globe. Their work on Guilty Crown’s introspective and futuristic melodies, as well as the hauntingly evocative opening theme “My Dearest,” have become synonymous with the show itself, leaving an indelible mark on fans.

Similarly, their involvement in the cyberpunk thriller PSYCHO-PASS further solidified their reputation, with the entrancing “Namae no nai Kaibutsu” becoming an anthem for fans of the series, perfectly encapsulating its mood and themes.

Fans of EGOIST have expressed a mix of nostalgia and sadness in response to the announcement. Many have taken to social media to share their appreciation for the unit’s contributions to the anime world, reminiscing about the impact their music has had on their lives.

In their statement, EGOIST expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their fans for their unwavering support throughout their journey. They cited personal and creative reasons for their decision to end activities, assuring fans that this conclusion was reached after much contemplation.

While the news marks the end of an era for EGOIST and their unique musical enchantment, it is worth noting that both Chelly and ryo will continue their respective artistic pursuits. Fans can only hope that their paths may cross again in the future, perhaps in different musical endeavors that continue to captivate audiences as EGOIST did.

As the anime community absorbs this announcement, it’s evident that EGOIST’s melodies will continue to echo in the hearts of fans, forever intertwining their music with the beloved series they’ve graced.

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