“DC Fans Unite: The Push for Grant Gustin’s Flash in ‘The Batman 2′”

Gotham City, September 1, 2023 – The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is no stranger to crossovers and multiverse concepts, and it seems that fans are eager to witness another one. Following the release of “The Batman” earlier this year, speculation and excitement are building about the potential for Grant Gustin, who portrays Barry Allen, aka The Flash in the CW’s “The Flash” television series, to make an appearance in “The Batman 2.”

The rumor mill began to churn after director Matt Reeves hinted at the possibility of exploring the multiverse in future Batman films during interviews promoting “The Batman.” Reeves’ open acknowledgment of the concept sent fans into a frenzy, sparking discussions about which actors from other DC properties could make their way into the big screen.

Grant Gustin, who has been the face of The Flash in the Arrowverse since 2014, has developed a dedicated fanbase over the years. Many DC fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the idea of Gustin’s Flash crossing over into the DCEU alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Social media platforms have been buzzing with fans using hashtags like #FlashInBat2 and #GustinInDCEU, sharing fan art, memes, and fan theories about how this crossover could take place. Some even started online petitions to make their voices heard.

One fan, Sarah Thompson, said, “The Arrowverse has been a big part of DC’s success on TV, and Grant Gustin has been an amazing Flash. It would be incredible to see him alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman. DC, please make this happen!”

While there has been no official confirmation from Warner Bros. or DC Films regarding Grant Gustin’s appearance in “The Batman 2,” the groundswell of fan support is undeniable. The notion of incorporating elements from different DC universes has been well-received by audiences, as evidenced by the success of “The Flash” TV series’ multiverse crossovers.

The prospect of seeing Grant Gustin don the Scarlet Speedster suit on the silver screen is undoubtedly tantalizing for fans of both the DCEU and Arrowverse. As the excitement continues to build, it remains to be seen whether the studios will heed the call of the fans and make this crossover dream a reality in “The Batman 2.” Until then, DC fans will continue to show their support and eagerly await any official announcements.

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